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Create fake email address | How to create temporary email account

create fake email address how to create temporary email account
Written by Vatsal Gupta

Nowadays, the most important thing in the digital world is an email account. So, today our motive is to learn how to create fake email address or a temporary email account.  The need to create fake email address or email account is discussed in much detail below.

What is an email address or an email account? What is the need to create fake email address?  Why do we really need a temporary email account? The answer is very easy and simple. For example- Suppose that you own a business email account. Now, you would not want to register using your email account everywhere. Why? Because it will fill your email address with spam emails from unknowns. Many of the websites sell the registered email address to third party websites. In order to save ourselves from this issue, we go for Fake email address generator.

These fake email address generator helps you create a temporary email account. You can generate a temporary email and use it for registering to various websites. What about the confirmation email? This is the reason these fake email  generator are available on the internet. These can confirm your created fake email address too. There are various fake email generator available on the www. Some of these are 10 Minute Mail, Fake Mail Generator, Air Mail and many more.


How to create Fake email address or a temporary email account?

We will be using some email address generators to create temporary emails. These can be used to verify the email for the use on a particular website. Furthermore, these email generators won’t be taking any information from you. Below, is the list of some email generator services that can help you create a temporary email account.

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Note– The below tutorial is for knowledge purposes only and should not be used in any illegal activity. We are not responsible for any kind if cyber action if taken against the user.

   1. 1O Minute Mail10 minute mail

When it comes to creating fake email account, The very first thing that comes to mind is 10 Minute Mail. This was one of first temporary email account generator to come in the market. Since the name suggests “10 Minute Mail”, therefore the fake email just remains on the webpage for 10 Minutes only. You can use this service as this has a very good success rate.

  2. Fake Mail GeneratorFake mail generator

Fake Mail Generator is another such temporary email account creator. First of all, it is an absolutely free email disposable system but also it offers several general domain names. In addition, it also has a feature to create a country specific fake email address. With all these features, it remains one of the best tools of the internet.

   3. Hide My Asshide my ass

This email account generator is even more cooler than its name. It performs the same function as 10 Minute Mail and Fake Mail generator with some enhanced functions. It even notifies you in your real email account, if you have an email on your fake email address. This feature makes it really good to use.

    4. Mailinatormailinator

Same as the above apps, Mailinator is also a very nice tool to create fake email address. It has one amazing feature which makes it stand out among different temporary email account generators. You can attach your personal domain to Mailinator. What does that mean? It mean you can get every email address for your private domain in One, big inbox. Furthermore, you can upgrade your account for more features.

      5. AirMailairmail

At the last, comes AirMail which is also an amazing fake email address generator platform.  It has a tagline ” Temporary email service, safe HTML email browsing” which really clears what the tool does. Since, it is a very good tool, you must definitely try it.

Wrapping Up

These were some of the fake email address generators that help you create a temporary email account. If you have any problem with any of the discussed tool, feel free to message.Moreover, you can also hit the comment section in case of any queries.

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