How to create Fake Facebook conversation

Written by Vatsal Gupta

Today, we are here to tell you some very simple ways to have a prank on your friends. The prank is basically for Facebook where you can design a fake conversation and make anyone fall for it. In the post that follows we will tell you how to create fake Facebook conversation.

What is Fake Facebook Conversation?

Facebook, as we know today is the most used social platform along with Twitter. Facebook has about 1.7 billion active users everyday which makes it such an amazing network. In order to keep the fun on Facebook, many websites and companies are coming up with new tools and software. The tools we are talking about today are just made for fun and pranks. These tools discussed below enable you to create Fake Facebook conversation and make it look like the original one. What these tools do is that, it can fake the sent and received messages and make your friends fall for it.You can even set the same profile pictures as on real Facebook profile. It makes everything look so genuine. In this post, we will tell you the various websites and tools where you can easily make these hypothetical conversations and play prank on your friends.

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How to create Fake Facebook Conversation?

It is very easy and interesting to make fake conversation online. There are various websites and tool that are providing these services for free. You just to go to the websites discussed below and your work is done. In order to learn everything from the scratch, follow the steps below.


Simitator is the best and the simplest site for creating fake Facebook conversations. You don’t have to create an account using this site or Sign In using Google or Facebook. You can simply go to the website and follow the steps given below.

  1. Just upload the Profile Picture of the first person and give his/her name as per your choice or who you want to portray.
  2. Similarly, upload the Profile Picture of the second person and give his/her name to be displayed.
  3. Now enter the details like Date and type in the messages that you want to show as a fake conversation.
  4. After you are done with the following steps, you can save the image by clicking on Download Facebook Chat as JPG image option.


This is also a very good app and works in a same way as Simitator. The only difference is that you have to Login using Facebook in order to use this free website. Moreover, Simitator works by creating a Fake Facebook Chat but Fakeconvos work by creating a fake comments scene. To use this amazing tool, follow the steps given below.

  1. Open the website and Login using your Facebook account.
  2. Now, simply enter the name of the the commentator, upload his/her profile image and type the comment in the space provided.
  3. Similarly, do it for the person who will reply, by uploading a picture for them and with it their comment.
  4. After you are done,you can simply scroll down, click on the Save button and take the comment screen as a screenshot.

Other tools to create Fake Facebook conversation

We have searched and found out some other Fake conversation creation tools. For your ease, we have complied them as a list below. So, have a look at them too and decide for yourself which one is the best.

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So, these were some of the famous and easy to use online Fake Conversation generators. Hope, you liked them. In case you have any problems using these tools, you can get in touch in the comments below.



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