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Delete/ Remove undeletable files in Windows 10

Delete/Remove undeletable files in Windows 10
Written by Vatsal Gupta

“Sorry this file can’t be deleted”. Yes, its a very irritating message that everyone of us has encountered in his/her life. So, Today we will be learning how to delete/remove undeletable files in Windows 10.

There are times when we get stuck in a very mind boggling condition. It’s when we aren’t able to delete some files or folders even after trying multiple times. What is the reason for these type of errors? Firstly, these undeletable files can be due to a Trojan Horse attack. Moreover, it can also be a result of a malware or a spyware. It has been seen that many a times these undeletable files are a result of a system malfunction or some adware programs. These programs don’t allow us to remove undeletable files, by stopping the Windows Explorer to perform delete action. So, today we are here with some easy and amazing methods. Applying these will help us delete undeletable files in Windows 10 or any other version.

How to delete/remove undeletable files in Windows 10

There are various method for deleting such files in Windows 10. First, is using Command Prompt to remove undeletable files while the other method uses third party softwares. So, here are some of the best ways to remove undeletable files from your PC

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  • Command Prompt Method

You can use command prompt to delete undeletable files or folders in Windows 10. But, firstly make sure that, in case of encountering such undeletable files, you must restart your Windows 10 once. Sometimes, it solves the problem of removing the undeletable files. If still nothing happens, follow the guide below.

  1. Go to Start-> Command Prompt->Run as Administrator. A new CMD window will appear, which is black in color.remove-using-cmd
  2. Input the command “DEL /F /Q /A C:\Users\Your system name\location of the file\Name of the file you want to delete” . Here, enter the location and name of the undeletable file that you want to remove permanently.remove-using-cmd
  3. Finally, after entering the command just press Enter. This will permanently delete the file from your Windows 10.
  • Using Third party software

There are various third party software available to delete undeletable files from our PC’s. Some of these tools are FileASSASSIN, Unlocker and many more. We will only be showing one software in detail to remove undeletable files as the working and functionality of these tools are the same. We have discussed this amazing tool called FileASSASSIN here in detail. So, just follow the steps below to delete the undeleteable files from your desktop.

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  1. Firstly, you need to download FileASSASSIN software from this link. Similarly, you can download Unlocker tool for your
  2. Now, install the downloaded file on your PC by double clicking the .exe file. You just need to select the undeletable file from your PC by clicking the 3 dots on the right side.FileASSASSIN
  3. As soon as you click the Execute button, the processing will start and the undeletable file will be deleted soon.FileASSASSIN-deleted

Wrapping Up

So, this was all on how to remove/Delete undeletable files from your Windows PC. If you have any problem, implementing any of the steps, just leave a comment below.

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