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Facebook introduces Facebook Marketplace to sell and buy products

Written by Vatsal Gupta

Being a top social network, Facebook has to keep on working as per the needs and comfy of the people. So, to keep up with the selling and buying process online, Facebook Marketplace has been introduced recently.

The social networking site Facebook, recently launched a new feature called Marketplace.People are already doing many things apart from just connecting with each others. It already has Buy and Sell groups where they can either sell a product or buy something from someone. Seeing the potential in these groups Facebook came up with an idea of Marketplace.

Marketplace is seen as a single place where users can discover, buy or sell items in the nearby locations making it somewhat like OLX in India. Mary Ku, The Product Management Director of Facebook said, ““More than 450 million people visit buy and sell groups each month – from families in a local neighborhood to collectors around the world. To help people make more of these connections, we’re introducing Marketplace”.


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Where you can find Marketplace and How to use it?

The Facebook Marketplace can be found very easily on the Facebook app as well as on Desktop version of Facebook. In order to access it from your PC, you need to click on the Shop icon on the left side of the window. We have shown it in the screenshot below for your ease. You can also use in the Facebook app by tapping on the Shops button in the Menu option. The Menu button is a button with three lines on the right side of the app. As soon as you click the Shop/Shops button, pictures of items for sale are displayed. These all items are based on your nearby location.

Facebook Marketplace PC


Facebook has tried to make it quite user friendly. You can easily Filter out the results as per location, price and category of product. You can even choose between Apparel, Electronics and Household products. To ease our work, it has also provided a Search bar for searching a product we need. In case, you want to know more about a product, a simple tap on that will do the work. It will show the details and information about that product and the product seller. The name, description, profile photo and location of the person can be seen easily.

If you are interested in some product, a direct message can be sent to the seller. The one thing that should be improved in the app is Delivery of products. Facebook told that it will not take part in delivery and payments between the seller and buyer. They themselves have to work out this process. But, Facebook is not an e-commerce website, so its not a problem.

How to become a seller on Facebook Marketplace?

You can be a seller on marketplace quite easily. The very first thing is to upload a picture for your product in the marketplace. Along with it, give the necessary details like product name, price and description about the product. It is compulsory to confirm your location before posting a product on marketplace.

You can even see all your transactions that you have made in the past. Just visit the ‘Your Items’ sections and you are good to go. In case, you have saved some items of interests, they can also be seen in ‘Saved Items’ option in the ‘Your items’ section.

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