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Facebook Messenger Lite launched for old Android devices

Written by Vatsal Gupta

Facebook is no doubt an unrivaled king in the field of Social Networking. As per the need of hour, Facebook recently launched Facebook Messenger Lite for Android devices.

Facebook being the world’s most used social networking website and application has to work hard on keep on improving the user experience. It is known that the default Facebook and the Messenger app are too heavy for old android devices. It is a problem for older versions of Android too. In order to solve this issue, Facebook released Facebook Lite in 2015. The main motive of the app was to provide the best experience of Facebook to people with old Android devices or low performance phones.

Now, to provide the feature of Messenger , Facebook launched Messenger Lite for Android. It is a slimmed version of the stock Messenger by Facebook. Recently, in a blog post Facebook said that, ” The app offers the core features of Messenger for markets with slower-than-average internet speeds and a prevalence of basic Android smartphones.”Facebook Messenger Lite

Messenger Lite, Features and Size

The Messenger Lite app is less than 10 MB which makes it quite space convenient as compared to the stock Messenger which is about 37 MB in size. The app can perform all the basic functions just like the Messenger app. It can send and receive messages, send photos and videos and even links and stickers. These features make this app a very good thing to happen. The icon of the Messenger Lite app has the colors in reverse to the Messenger app. This is the same concept as that of Facebook Lite and stock Facebook app. Their symbol also had colors switched.

Facebook Messenger Lite


The feature that is worth pointing out is the Battery life. There is still no official statements or reports about the battery consmption of the app. But, it is expected that the app will be saving a lot of battery life just like the Facebook Lite app. Facebook Lite has been very consistent in terms of battery life and we hope the same for Messenger Lite too.

Who can use Messenger Lite ?

The restriction with the Messenger Lite app is that, it is only available for Android users. It is currently not available for iOS or Windows users just like the Facebook Lite app. But, this is not a problem because Facebook has targeted the audience that has low end devices or older phones.

As far as the availability of the app is concerned, it is currently available in Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Venezuela. According to a blog post by Facebook, “The app will be released worldwide soon”. But, it is not a problem as you can download the Messenger Lite apk from the below Dropbox link.

Download Facebook Messenger Lite apk

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