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Important Keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10

Written by Vatsal Gupta

“Time and Tide waits for none”, very rightly said. The time is the most precious thing in our life. If we save time we are the rulers, else we get lost in the crowd. That’s why our Windows OS provides us with various time saving shortcuts for keyboard. There are many important keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10.

We are quite familiar with some of them like Ctrl+C for Copying the text, Ctrl+V for Pasting and many more. Here, we will not be talking about these basic commands. Windows introduces new and improved shortcuts in its every Windows edition. We will be talking about the latest version of Windows i.e. the Windows 10. So, below are some of the very important and time saving commands that you should go and try right away.



Keyboard shortcut for Windows 10

  • Without wasting much time, have a look at the shortcuts below.
  • Win key + Up Arrow – Snap the window to the top
  • Win key + Down Arrow – Snap the window to the bottom
  • Win key + Right Arrow – Snap the window to the right
  • Win key + Left Arrow – Snap the window to the left
  • Win Key + I – Opens Settings (Don’t misunderstand Settings with Control Panel)
  • Win key + U – Opens Ease of Access
  • Win key + A – Launches action center
  • Win key + D – Shows desktop
  • Win key + Tab – Manages opened windows
  • Win key + S – Opens Cortana
  • Ctrl + L – Selects the current URL in the address bar
  • Ctrl + Enter – Adds .com at the end of the entered domain
  • Ctrl + Tab – Switch between opened tabs
  • Ctrl + D – Bookmarks the current web page
  • Ctrl + T – Opens a new tab
  • Win key + Ctrl+ D – Creates new virtual desktop
  • Win key + Ctrl + Right or Left Arrow – Switches between available virtual desktops
  • Win key + Ctrl + F4 – Closes the current virtual desktop
  • Ctrl + A – Selects the entire text available on the window
  • Ctrl + Insert – Copies the selected text
  • Shift + Insert – Paste the copied text
  • Alt + F4 –Closes the window

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A Few Common Windows Shortcuts

  • Alt + Tab – Switches between Windows
  • Alt + PrtScr – Takes a screenshot and copies to the clipboard
  • Win key + PrtScr – Saves the screenshot to the Screenshots directory in the Pictures folder
  • Win key + L – Locks the desktop
  • Alt+ F4 at desktop – Opens power options
  • Win key + E – Opens Windows Explorer
  • Win key + X – Opens the right- click context menu of the Start button

So, these were some of the very important Windows 10 shorcuts that you must know if you are a regular Windows 10 user. These will help you save your time and improve your work style.

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