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10 Important URL’s that every Google user must know

Written by Vatsal Gupta

In today’s world every persom googles his/her problem for a good and an accurate solution. Most of us still know Google just as the best search engine out there. But, most of us are not aware of the fact that Google also keeps a track of everything. It determines you interests and gives advertisements as per your cravings, it even keeps a list of every single word you’ve ever typed inside the search box, along with it Google also knows which places you have ever visited in your life since you have a smartphone.

So, in order to keep a track of all these things there are some very interesting and helpful URL’s that every Google user should know.

 Google’s 10 Important URL’s

Google keeps a record of everything that you’ve done using Google search or using Google apps. But,ut these data are stored privately somewhere inside the Google Dashboard. These data can be accessed only by the user and no one else except Google itself. These records might reveal very interesting things about you, so you should have a check atleast once.Google has some important URL’s where we can find all the important information.
   Google stores a list of usernames and passwords that you have ever entered in your Google Chrome or Android for logging into various websites and applications. They even have a website where you can view all the passwords you have ever entered in plain text.
   Google is so intelligent that it creates a profile of yourself based on the sites you visit and searches you perform, guessing your age, gender and interests. It then uses this data to serve you more relevant ads. Use the above URL to know how Google sees you on the web.
   You can easily export all your data out of the Google servers for your offline use. You can download your Google Photos, Google contacts, Gmail messages and even your YouTube videos. Head over the the Takeout page to grab the download links.
   If you ever find your content appearing on another website, you can raise a DMCA complaint with Google against that site to get the content removed. Google has a simple wizard to help you claim content and the tool can also be used to remove websites completely from Google search results that are scraping your content.
   Your Android phone or the Google Maps app on your iPhone is silently reporting your location and velocity (are you moving? and if yes, how fast are you moving?) back to Google servers. Isn’t that amazing? You can find the entire location history on the Google Maps website and can also have the option to export this data as KML files. These files can be viewed inside Google Earth or even Google Drive.
    Create a new Google Account using your existing email address. The regular sign-up process uses your address as your Google account username but with this special URL, any other email address can also be used as a username.
7. (Google searches) (Voice searches) (YouTube searches and watched videos)
   Google and YouTube record every single search term that you’ve ever typed or spoken into their search boxes. They keep a log of every Google ad that you have clicked on various websites, every YouTube video you’ve watched. If you are a Google Now user, even see a log of all your audio search queries.
   You need to login to your Gmail account at least once every 9 months else Google may terminate your account according to their program policies. This can be an issue if you have multiple Gmail accounts so as a workaround, you can setup your main Gmail account as the trusted contact for your secondary accounts. Thus Google will keep sending you reminders every few months to login to your other accounts.
  If you are worried that your Google account is hacked. Then there is a solution. Open the activity report to see a log of every device that has recently connected into your Google account. You’ll also get to know the I.P. Addresses and the approximate geographic location. Unfortunately, like facebook you can’t remotely log out of a Google session.
   Can’t locate your mobile phone? You can use the Google Device Manager to find your lost phone provided it is switched on and connected to the Internet and can ring the device, see the location or even erase the phone content remotely. You can even find the IMEI Number of the lost phone from your Google Account.
Hope you liked these unknown features of Google and enjoy using these great and interesting URL’s.
The credit of the post goes to – Labnol
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