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Nokia 216 a $37 mobile by Microsoft

Written by Vatsal Gupta

Nokia, once used to be the most reputed phone maker in the market. After losing its market to Android devices it saw a huge drop in its users. Now, anyone hardly uses a Nokia handset. But, now it has come up with a new device Nokia 216 that costs only Rs 2500($37). In this age of iPhone and Android, Nokia released a phone which revives our memories of the past.

The phone launched by Microsoft is know as Nokia 216 Dual Sim. In the current time where everyone owns an iPhone or an Android, this phone will be really helpful and easy to understand for the people who don’t have much knowledge of comlpex working of the smartphones. For example- Your grandmother might not know how to handle that touch scree, increase the brightness of the device. Bang on, this Nokia 216 will really be helpful in such cases.


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Features of Nokia 216

The very first glance gives a revival of the old memories. Yes, Nokia 216 comes with those physical buttons having ABC written on them. That’s a great feeling to see your past in front of you. It is even better than iPhone in one context, “It do contains earphones jack”. Haha! Jokes apart, this is really a good looking phone with a lot of features.It will be available in three different colors in the market Black, Gray and Fun Light blue which looks really amazing on this small device.Nokia 216 colors

Apart from this, Nokia 216 has many outstanding features too. It is a Dual Sim internet enabled phone and also features Dual cameras with LED Flash which enables you to capture your happy moments. It even features a built in App store called Opera Mobile Store from where you can download various apps and one Gameloft game every month for a year. You can also enjoy popular games like GT Racing and Little Big City.

It also comes with a MP3 player, video player and FM Radio so the chances of your getting bored are very less. Not, only this, it supports bluetooth headsets so you have no problem in case you have to take a call in the traffic.

To your delight the phone can store upto 2000 contacts, which is quite enough to save your whole contact list. It even supports upto 32 GB memory card, so you can store all the videos and audios you love

Obviously this small powerhouse is not as powerful as your Apple or Android device but it is surely a treat to enjoy. Microsoft being a trusted brand is quite famous for its products and can be trusted completely. The phone will be launched in India on 24th October which is a good news for Indians. But, it will be available in the United States by the end of the 2016 hopefully.

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