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We at Tricks N Deals keep gives utmost preference to the privacy of our users. In this Privacy Policy we have outlined the information and the details that we take and collect from our users.

The main motive of this Technology blog is to provide our readers with the educational content, so we request our readers not to misuse any information as handling the educational information in a wrong way might result in something bad. According to various Internet acts and rules, some tricks and hacks that we post on our blog might be considered as a criminal offence. We generally don’t post offensive material on our blog, but in case we post something offensive, you should be held responsible for following us without verification.

If in case you have any problem with respect to our content and feel like we are using illegal data on our blog feel free to drop us an email, and we assure that we will come up with an answer pretty soon.

In case of any queries, you can mail us at- [email protected]