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How to search for Friends in Facebook without logging in?

Written by Vatsal Gupta

If you want to search someone on Facebook to see their profile but then realize that you don’t have a Facebook id or don’t want to go through the hassle of creating one. That’s not a problem to worry about. It’s possible to search for friends in Facebook without logging in or having an active profile.

Ways to search for friends in Facebook without logging in

Below are the ways to search someone’s Facebook profile without a need to log in to the social networking site.

  1. Facebook Directory

    We all know what a yellow book is! This directory is the Facebook’s version of it and is accessible to anyone despite their account status. Simply type in the name and then all the profiles, pages, places, and events will be listed below. This directory is a useful tool to search friends and their activities on Facebook.

  2. Facebook  people search

    But, what if we’re searching for something specific. When searching for someone specific this method will be more prudent. Simply type the name and Facebook will list minimum ten profiles that match your query. By employing this method we can view various profiles with their pictures and some related information. But, to see a more detailed information one will be compelled to sign up as there are no other viable ways.

  3. Google search

    The world’s most famous search engine Google can also be used as a viable tool to search Facebook profiles. There’s a simple procedure to follow to use this method which does not require high- level computer knowledge. Simply type “ with the name of the friend” in the google search bar. Google will then display all the profiles that match the description. After selecting the description users will be directed to their Facebook page.

  4. Google social search

    Social Search is an alternative to using the Facebook search method. This is a popular method especially used by big companies to see their brand- related social media activities. This tool works like a search engine for social media. Just type in a name and all the matching accounts will be listed. The fun part is that we can also get access to all their activities on their social websites.

  5. Browser Add-ons : This is another method of searching Facebook accounts. Many users have their own browser preferences which allows add-ons that aid in searching profiles. Below are some of them:
  • Facebook Toolbar All-in -one Internet search

    This add- on is only available to the Firefox users which can also be accessed in Mobiles running both Android and iOS users. It has a simple user interface nothing complicated. After installing users can use it to search profiles of their friends. This tool also helps to search profiles by using many search terms.

  • People Search Engine

    This is again another Firefox based search tool which can be used to search profiles. Simply download it and enable it to use.

Wrapping Up

All the above given methods will help you in facebook search for people without logging in. Though, you will able to see some basic info about the person and in order to see what the guy has shared, you will have to log in.

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Vatsal Gupta

Vatsal Gupta, currently pursuing his B.Tech from Lovely Professional University(Punjab) is a C++ programmer, a Web Designer and a part time blogger who loves spending most of the time on his beloved laptop.

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    This is indeed very interesting post, I never thought we could also search friends without logging in to facebook. Will certainly try this soon!

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