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Watch torrent movies without downloading using Rox player

torrent movies downloading using rox player
Written by Vatsal Gupta

Today, our motive is to learn an easy and a very helpful trick regarding torrents. We will be learning on how to watch torrent movies without downloading using Rox player. 

“Torrents”, its a word that no one is unaware of nowadays. Torrent is the easiest way to watch all the latest movies in the market.  The problem arises in the movies download through torrents, which is a time taking task. Watching torrent movies without downloading is what’s discussed today. A video player called Rox Player is an amazing software for PC that enables us to watch torrent movies. The best thing is that we don’t need torrent download. It does not need downloading the torrent through sites like Kickass torrent and then using uTorrent or Bit torrent to download the torrent files. Rox Player can directly be launched from your browser and can be used as a streaming source for your favorite movies torrent.

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The usefulness of this software is not just not limited to streaming your torrent movies. You can use it as a tool to check the quality of torrent before downloading.  Sometimes, we download torrent of huge size, just to see a badly synced audio or video. This problem can be tackled by Rox player beforehand. Just paste the magnet URL of Rox player and check for the quality of that torrent.

How to watch Torrent movies using Rox Player

Watching torrent movies without downloading using Rox Player is really very easy. You just have to follow the step-by-step guide given below.

  1. The very first step is to download Rox Player, which will be used to watch torrented movies. To download Rox Player, head over to this link. Download Rox Player rox player download
  2. After the download is complete, install the Rox Player on your PC. It can be done by double clicking the downloaded file in the first step.
  3. Now, head to a torrent site in order to search the movies torrent. We will be using Kickass torrent in the guide. Enter the name of the movie, for example- Inferno and click the Download torrent button.kickass-torrent-download
  4. As soon as you click the Download torrent button, a message window will appear. It will ask whether or not you want to open the file with Rox Player. Click rox player
  5. Now, you will be redirected to Rox Player app and the movie will start buffering. In no time, the movie will start playing.buffering torrent

That’s it. This was all about watching torrent movies without any need to download the huge files using Rox Player.If you have any problems regarding the method, feel free to comment below.


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