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What is Tab Napping and how it works?

Written by Vatsal Gupta

Tab Napping is a hacking technique which is very common nowadays. This hacking technique is unknown to most of us out there, so the hackers are targeting us using this Tab Napping. Today, we will be discussing about What is Tab Napping and How does it work?

What is Tab Napping?

Tab Napping can be considered as a phishing technique for hacking. If you are unaware about Phishing, then let’s discuss it briefly. Phishing is hacking into your personal and confidential information using a login page designed in the same way as that of the original login page. For example- You can create a phishing page for Facebook and save it on someone’s PC. Now, when a person login his/her account, the login credentials are sent to the page maker automatically. Most of the times the phishing attacks are maintained through emails. An email asking you to confirm your Bank account credentials or asking your ATM pin will might come in your inbox. There are chances that unaware people might fall for this as the page is designed exactly the same as the Bank’s website.

Tab Napping is a sophisticated form of Phishing. It doesn’t hack you by sending an email or any other way. Let’s see about Tab Napping in detail below.

How does Tab Napping works?

Tab Napping is quite different from conventional Phishing. It doesn’t require you to click a link and fill in your credentials. It targets the users who have a habit of opening multiple tabs on their browsers like Chrome, Firefox or any other browser.

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Tab Napping works in the situations when you have many tabs opened at the same time. What it does is that, when you are active on a page with many tabs opened on the side, this Tab Napping technique replaces the original website with a fake similar looking page. This page then behaves like phishing with an aim to collect the useful and important data. This hacking technique is very harmful and effective as a user can’t detect any change in the tabs only by looking at them.

The hackers and fraudsters can know when your tabs are inactive. As soon as the tabs aren’t switched for a while, these hackers become active and do their work. This is not done instantly, rather the hackers have to look upon you and your browser history for a while. They have to look which websites you visit on a regular basis and then make fake pages for that website.

In this way these fraudsters come to know about the banks you use. They can even know about the email you use for accessing these online websites and even your account number for various banks. So, they make fake pages for those banks and whenever your tab remains idle for sometime, they switch the original with the new fake one.

How to protect yourself from Tab Napping?

It is very difficult for a normal person to realize if he/she is being tab napped by someone. But, there’s always a solution for a problem. So, we have searched and found out some really easy to follow ways in which you can save yourself from these attacks.

  1. Always check for the URL of the website through which you are making some payments or accessing your bank accounts. A tabbed website always have a different URL than the original one. The difference in the names is very minor, but still identifiable.
  2. You should always check if the site is having https:// address. It is because most of the sites having a function of payments and transactions have this protocol. Always try not to enter any important details on a http:// website as it is very less secured.
  3. In case, you think the website link looks suspicious, close the tab in which the site is opened. Now, type the website address again carefully.
  4. Always try to remain on a single tab while typing in the login details for a bank. Moreover, don’t open a new tab while a payment is under process. Instead, open a new browser window using Ctrl+ N.

Hopefully, you find these points interesting and easy to follow. Always try to remain safe as “Prevention is always better than cure”.

If you want to try the Tab Napping and see in detail how this works, then go to the following link and download the script.

Download Tab Napping Script from Azkan website.

Note: The link may be malicious. You should open it at your own risk.

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