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Windows 10 Fix-It Tool released by Microsoft

fix-it tool
Written by Vatsal Gupta

Microsoft on receiving thousands of reports regarding the installation of the latest Cumulative update of Windows 10 has finally come up with a solution. Microsoft has released Windows 10 Fix-It Tool to end the problem with the installation of the new update.

Many of the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition users are facing the problem with the new update KB3194496. What it does is that the update gets completed to 100% and after the restart of the computer, it shows an error “Windows can’t complete the updates”. The problem with the update is very irritating as it runs as a loop and never completes.

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According to reports by zdnet ,” The updates which  tries to install and then rolls back repeatedly, is affecting the PCs that previously ran a build delivered through the Windows Insider Programme”. The problem is only with the Anniversary edition of Windows 10 and for some users only. As reported, the update is having installation problems on Windows upgraded through Windows Insider Programme. The update having this problem is the KB3194496 (Cumulative Update 14393.222)

How to fix Windows 10 update issue?

Microsoft has come up with a Windows 10 “Fix-It” tool which is expected to solve all the problems related to the update KB3194496 (Cumulative Update 14393.222).This new tool does not require any manual edits to the registry or doing any such other things. It does the registry edits automatically, needing us to just run the tool. Just, follow the below steps to solve the problem if your Windows 10 is affected.

  1. Go to this link-  Windows 10 1607 (RS1) Script fix to unblock update for Insider . You can see a Microsoft Installer file. Just save it on your PC by clicking the Download button that appears.
  2. Now, you can simply Run the file on your computer and the issue with the updates will be gone.

According to Microsoft it can’t be said how many users are affected by this problem but more than thousands are expected to be a victim of this problem. According to Microsoft, if someone is not willing to update it through the tool, a separate fix will be available through Windows update soon. But, Microsoft has still not spoken about the dates for the new update.

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