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Windows Paint is going to be 3D? Video leaked by Microsoft

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Written by Vatsal Gupta

Windows Paint by Microsoft is the tool each one of us have used in our childhood on a daily basis. According to a video leaked by Microsoft, Windows Paint might get significant amount of changes in it. This is done keeping in mind the fact that the tools has been the same since decades now. 

A recent video released by a worker at Microsoft might just have given an indication that the change is finally coming to the Windows Paint. Its been years, and many versions of Windows have came and gone but the MS Paint has been the same since then. From the features to the appearance it had been the same from Windows XP to Windows 10. MS Paint comes pre-installed with the Windows OS, no matter which Windows you are using. It may be XP, 7,8,8.1 or now 1O but the MS Paint is everywhere.

Now, it seems as if Microsoft has finally thought about making changes to Paint. According to a leaked video Windows Paint might get 3D in the new update. It is believed after watching the whole video that the tool might come with a lot of new and amazing features. It is believed that the whole design of MS Paint might change keeping the old features but adding  a lot of new one among it.

Leaked Video by Microsoft for Windows Paint

It was on Twitter that a girl with username “WalkingCat” posted a small video about the new Windows Paint. In the video, the new Paint looks totally redesigned and undoubtfully amazing. According to her, the new Paint might arrive soon for Windows 10 users. You can see for yourself, what she said in the video below.

As we can clearly see in the videos, that the new Paint looks really beautiful. It has a better design, elegant UI(User Interface) and the best thing is support for 3D elements. It allows the users to create figures and three-dimensional patterns very easily as shown in the video.

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As for now, Microsoft has not made anything official regarding the new Windows Paint. But, it seems clear that the new Paint may come in the event to be held by Microsoft on October 26 along with the new Microsoft Surface phones.

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