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Xiaomi launches Mi Air Purifier in India

Written by Vatsal Gupta

Xiaomi has already expanded its market all over India and across the globe. It started with smartphones, wearables and tablets and had been a huge success till then. Mi, today launched Mi Purifier 2 in India for just Rs 9999. It is the first product of the Mi Ecosystem devices that the company already told before.

The chinese company now wants to gather market in the Home Products too. The product is not only useful but very smart too, as it is WiFi enabled. We can control the Mi Purifier from almost anywhere using the Mi Home app which is currently available for Android and iOS users. What does this app do? The Mi Home app will give you the current time reading of the air quality. Not only the real time reading, it will also tell you when to change the air filters.

The Mi Purifier 2 will be available from September 26 on and from October 2 on Flipkart. The Mi Purifier 2 is priced at Rs 9,999($149) with the replacement filter priced around Rs 2,499($37)   mi-air-purifier1


Specifications of Mi Air Purifier 2

  • Real time AQI monitoring and WiFi connectivity
  • Mi home app, smart remote controls
  • 360 degree triple-layer filter
  • Aerodynamic air vortex
  • 310 metre cube per hour Clean Air Delivery Rate(CADR)
  • 4.8 Watt energy saving
  • 30 db ultra quiet noise level

The chinese company holds a varied range of products in its home. From water purifiers to air purifiers, bicycles, laptops and various other extremely good products. With the introduction of Mi Air Purifier 2, Xiaomi wants to settle its foot in the Indian market too. The recent reports by the various organisations showed India among the most polluted country whether it is of air or water. So, its the high time for the company to launch Mi Air Purifier at the moment. We wouldn’t be shocked if the company releases its Water Purifiers soon.

In the recent News, we came across the amount of impurities mixed in the air of the capital, Delhi. The impurities have crossed the minimal amount by a great margin now. That is why, the market for the Air purifiers have increased vastly in metropolitan cities. The stats say, it has increased from zero to almost  Rs 150 crores , which attracted Xiaomi to invest in the field of Purifiers.

Xiaomi, has already got millions of satisfied customers all over the country. So, carrying the trust of the people and unbeatable quality it will really look forward to be a king in the field of Air Purifiers soon.

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